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Welcome to RJBehindtheWire, an organization dedicated to the advancement of restorative justice. This form of justice, in contrast to the offender driven retributive model of criminal justice, is victim oriented, seeking to heal the harms caused by crime while encouraging offender empathy and accountability. Internationally and in the United States the concept and practice of restorative justice is rightfully gaining tremendous momentum and RJBehindtheWire is proud to be at the forefront of this movement, particularly in the correctional environment.

Created in 2014, RJBehindtheWire seeks to bring restorative justice programming into juvenile and adult corrections. We believe that restorative justice holds significant value as a rehabilitative tool. In order to further these principles and practices, RJBehindtheWire has developed two program modules that facilitate victim oriented offender rehabilitation. "Mending Fences" is a manualized twenty six session program utilizing a restorative approach in order to facilitate healing of victim and offender participants, while also aiding to reduce recidivism and increase public safety. Similar restorative approaches continue to be implemented across the United States and have proven extremely successful in rebuilding relationships, enhancing offender empathy for those impacted by crime, and improving outcomes for crime victims and offenders alike, as well as for their families, friends, and communities. What is especially unique about "Mending Fences" and all of the programming developed by RJBehindtheWire is that they are developed, in consultation with multiple universities and restorative justice professionals, by offenders, for offenders, and address victim and offender needs as they understand them.

Also available to practitioners and professionals is the "Discovering Restorative Justice" manual. This provides correctional restorative justice practitioners with a detailed blueprint to host a one day convocation on community action and offender accountability. These convocations are a joint community and offender effort that bring together both parties inside the prison. Incorporated into the one day convocation are guest speakers and multiple facilitated restorative justice workshops intended to catalyze discussion and dialogue between community and offender participants. The desired outcome is to break down the mystification and assumptions participants have of one another and develop creative solutions to the problems of criminality, recidivism, and community reintegration.

In concert with restorative justice programming, RJBehindtheWire supports emerging "smart on crime" initiatives in the offender civic reintegration arena as well as emerging justice reinvestment legislation. Now is the time for a dynamic and conscious paradigm shift in the manner government, and we as a society, consider justice. We invite you to join us in promoting these much needed and worthy causes.