Welcome to RJBehindtheWire, a website dedicated to the advancement of restorative justice. This form of justice, in contrast to the offender driven retributive model of modern criminal justice, is victim oriented, seeking to heal the harms caused by crime while encouraging offender empathy and accountability. Across the nation the concept and practice of restorative justice is rightfully on the rise and RJBehindtheWire is proud to be at the forefront of this movement in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Created in 2014 RJBehindtheWire seeks to bring restorative justice into the Virginia correctional environment. We believe that restorative justice holds significant value as a rehabilitative tool. In order to further these principles in Virginia corrections, we have developed a victim oriented offender rehabilitation program framework titled Mending Fences. As a manualized 26 session program, Mending Fences utilizes an evidence-based restorative justice approach to facilitate healing of victim and offender participants, and reduce recidivism while enhancing public safety. Similar restorative justice initiatives have been implemented in other states and have proven extremely successful in reducing recidivism, rebuilding relationships, enhancing offender empathy for those impacted by crime, and improving outcomes for crime victims and offenders, as well as their families and communities.

In concert with restorative justice programming, RJBehindtheWire supports emerging "smart on crime" initiatives in the offender civic reintegration arena as well as justice reinvestment legislation.  Now is the time for a dynamic and conscious paradigm shift in the way government, and we as a society,  consider justice. We invite you to join us in promoting these much-needed and worthy causes.